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My Professional Journey


Journalistic Works

As a journalism major, I often write articles for class and news publications. I have reported on Black America and the burgeoning cannabis industry. Also, I am a current contributing writer for ReadHi: a cannabis publication started by HiBnb.


Journalistic Video Productions

As a journalism major, I have produced several videos for class and news publications. I have reported on hard news, feature news, history, and entertainment. I have also produced an investigative and opinion pocast.

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Pulse Original Video Production

At Pulse, I helped produce videos of guests and interviewees for the audience on Pulse platforms. I also had to make sure the videos were interesting to Pulse’s target audience. All the videos were posted on the company’s official Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts—after I edited them using Adobe Premiere Pro—received hundreds of thousands of engagements every day because of what I did.

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Client Video Production

At Pulse, I wrote scripts and produced videos for clients for marketing purposes on Pulse platforms and client platforms. A few clients I have worked with are Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Showmax, YouTube, Guinness, Hennessy, and Nike.

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Pulse Scripted Videos

Throughout my internship, I wrote several scripts every day on breaking news, entertainment and lifestyle pieces. These scripts were translated into short videos for Pulse social media pages. To write these scripts, I had to do considerable research to gather information and fact-check already-gathered info then I did the post-production of videos and audios to publish on Pulse’s social media platforms.

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Part of the Discussion

During my internship at Pulse, I was often part of a segment called "Pulse Hot Takes." My other colleagues and I often discussed the ongoing Big Brother Naija season and the housemates in the season. It was my first foray into being in front of the camera/computer and not behind it. I also did an interview game with one of our guests at Pulse. I hope you like it!


Zirex Ad Campaign

As part of a group project, I single-handedly used Canva to create an ad campaign. Under the moniker “the mx company”– a fictional ad agency, I created an ad campaign is to sell contraceptives produced by a fictional company “Zirex.” I noticed the penchant of ads to exclude all other genders in their marketing and focus on only one or two in the standard binary, especially ads for contraceptive products that usually focus on those who identify as women. Therefore, the ad campaign’s target audience is for all people who are at risk of getting pregnant when they do not want to. This would include all sexually active people who ovulate: those who identify as women, transmen, gender neutral, non-binary, agender, pangender, genderqueer, and all those who do not identify. I created a holistic interactive campaign with a representative narrative which fits the gender inclusive brand as an advertising agency.


Après 20-10-2020

This is a gallery of photos taken in the aftermath of the #EndSARS protests after several people had been murdered on October 20, 2020, by the Nigerian army and police under orders from the Nigerian government. It tells a story of pain, destruction and determination of a people.

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