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Journalistic Video Productions


The Violent Racist History of Cannabis in the America

November 2021

For a journalism class, I created an explainer video on the war on drugs and it's violent racist history.

The Black Twitter Show.jpg

The Black Twitter Show

July 2021

For a journalism class focused on YouTube, I made a series of videos focusing on the day-to-day conversations, controversies and news stories that circulate Black Twitter and how I see them and why I see them that way. I also give commentary on how different sub-groups see these matters and why.


Pride in a Pandemic

June 2021

For the final project in my journalism class, I was asked to produce a bright light story. This feature story is about Out in Tech's Virtual Pride Party. It was a community of queer people meeting over Kumospace instead of celebrating in public because of the pandemic.


Rising New York: Macy's Inc

June 2021

For a journalism class I produced a Rising New York story. This story investigates the Macy’s Inc. and its giant renovation project that will involve not only updating its flagship store to include a 1.5 million-square-foot office tower above the store, but completely revitalizing the Herald Square neighborhood as well.


Joints for Jabs

May 2021

For a journalism class I produced a hard news story. This story focuses on Washington State's joints for jabs program which allowed adults to receive a free joint when they get their COVID-19 vaccine. The marijuana for vaccinations promotion was in effect until July 12. It was part of the state's strategy to get more people vaccinated.

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Pulse Nigeria Independence Day Feature Story

October 2020

On Thursday, October 1, 2020, Nigeria celebrated her 60th Independence Day. In a bid to create something beautiful to mark Nigeria’s Diamond Year on Pulse’s media platforms, my colleague and I collaborated on this project. The goal of the project was the tell the riveting story of Nigeria’s Independence Day in 1960 when she became a sovereign country free from British rule.

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